Thoughts about exciting things that happen around The Pottery Place!

Clay Selfie

26th Feb 2016

This is one of our clay projects that I love!  We have the kids look into a mirror and form what they see in the mirror.  These turn out so cool, because each one is so unique!  I love the […]

Hot Plates

24th Feb 2016

Do you remember these hot plates?  My Grandma & Mom both  had one when I was growing up, it said “Barbara’s kitchen” I distinctly remember it being used frequently on the table or when Grandma made her apple pie. Good […]

Kiln Opening

22nd Feb 2016

When we open the kiln after firing, it’s literally like Christmas around here!  That probably is the most fun part of this job!   We know what the pieces looked like before but after sitting in a kiln for 8 hours, […]

Communion Banners

19th Feb 2016

Second grade is an exciting year for the little ones.  They receive Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist.  With Holy Eucharist, the children are usually asked to make a banner to be displayed at church the day of their ceremony. We thought, […]


18th Feb 2016

I was going to begin that this piece reminds me of my childhood but…. we weren’t campers!  Can you believe it?? My grandparents lived in Florida so that was our summer trip every year.  We didn’t get to experience the […]

Valentines Day

11th Feb 2016

This weekend is Valentines Day.  Do you celebrate or do something special for those you care for??? I think we should do that everyday….but on the 14th…maybe something extra?? If you need a unique date, we are having a BOGO […]

Dollar Store Find

10th Feb 2016

I’m always looking for different ways to decorate my house.  I constantly want to paint or change this picture to this wall or change decorations in one room to the next.  Here’s a quick redo of canvases.  It will take […]

Favorite Wall?

9th Feb 2016

So I admit, I have a favorite wall in my house.  Strange but true, it has a bunch of “F’s” on it for our last name. It also includes a family and a faith canvas, both very important to me. […]

Canvas Paintings!

2nd Feb 2016

Yes, we are called The Pottery Place BUT we paint canvases as well!  Karen and Joni are our wonderful instructors who love teaching them! We have many ideas here but we also let you choose something that you may like. […]

Sneak Peak

29th Jan 2016

We are working on some new birthday ideas for some lovely moms who booked parties for their kiddos here. They both have different ideas but both are going to turn out so cute!  We’ve started them but we just wanted […]