Communion Banners

19th Feb 2016
communion banners 1

Second grade is an exciting year for the little ones.  They receive Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist.  With Holy Eucharist, the children are usually asked to make a banner to be displayed at church the day of their ceremony.

We thought, what a great idea..let’s offer that event here!  I dug out my banner(from many years ago, hard to believe I still had it!)  I found my kids banners and started reminiscing what an awesome time I had with my kids making their banners.  They both had different ideas but they used pieces from my banner!  That little connection still brings me to  tears when I think of that special time for them.

We want you to have that special time with your child too.   They grow up so quickly, I’ll have two in high school next year…whew!  Enjoy this time with your little ones!


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