Favorite Wall?

9th Feb 2016
F Wall

So I admit, I have a favorite wall in my house.  Strange but true, it has a bunch of “F’s” on it for our last name. It also includes a family and a faith canvas, both very important to me.

One of my friends has the same letter for her last name and an impressive wall of F’s which is where I “stole“, borrowed the idea!

Now, when I’m out, “thrifting” or at a restore, I always check out to see what they may have in letters.  Each one is unique, each one I remember where it is from.  One is from the Burlington Flea market, one from a thrift store in Harrison.  I’m always on the hunt for a new one.

We work with a company that sells different letter styles.  Why not schedule a party or just stop in and we can order  a letter for you to start your very own “F, S, W, T…..” wall of your own!


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